Departure from the norm 1

Departure from the norm
After about one week of riding north from San Francisco, I developed an extreme pain in my right knee.  Of course, this probably goes back to a snowmobiling injury at around the age of 14 that I never told anyone about. After studying the problems bicycle riders encounter with their knees, I made some changes.  ...

Kit Sorted

Kit Sorted
I am extremely stoked about my new bicycle mirror.  On my bicycle, I have “drop” bar style, first seen as “ten-speed” handlebars here in the states, they are road bike bars. Try mounting a rear view mirror on one. Everyone has their own favorite mirror, but I’ll neglect all of those opinions in favor of ...

Making progress again 1

Making progress again
The new ‘granny gear’ gearing has made a big improvement.  Hauling around 100 lbs. is no small feat, but I’m within limits.  Imagine moving that load on foot! Getting very close to interesting trees… already I have seen silver fir, sitka spruce, and other northern species. Today was the first time a driver actually forced ...

Beautiful Bodega Bay 1

Beautiful Bodega Bay
I couldn’t possibly describe for you this little town just north of San Francisco on the epic Pacific coast of North America, though I feel an obligation to share what I found. Bodega Bay is a little town along a strip of Highway 1 (not 101), a harbor, and home to two fantastic parks along ...

What a time to be alive

What a time to be alive
I really think this is an amazing age to live in.  From my perspective, the modern times certainly fit my goals and dreams. Often I tell people that it is just within the past 5 years or so that such a bicycle tour would be possible.  For instance, I plan on spending a month or ...

Coastal Shroud

Coastal Shroud
just a few pics from under the coastal shroud, among sand dunes and the chaparral that grows here… This harbor town on the coast is just wonderful.  I’m waiting for a replacement piece of equipment mail ordered online, and getting to know some of the local culture and lifestyle.

Headed north slowly, very slowly

Headed north slowly, very slowly
Having the luxury of checking out the spur routes and visiting along the way, I have met so many interesting and kindred people.  I am headed north, but I’m going to continue checking all the spur routes and taking it slow.  The results can be seen…

Rough start to a wonderful day 4

Rough start to a wonderful day
I woke up in sand.  After climbing over a ridge and dropping down to the coast, I found I was in a resort town, the Pacific ocean beach considered private property.  The campground, catered to RV traffic, would charge me no less than $30 to stay the night.  It was difficult to choose the beach, ...

Getting in the swing of things 1

Getting in the swing of things
I’ve been slowly making my way north up the coast, taking my time to see and soak in what I can.  This is less of a sport for me and more like a summer lifestyle… and I’m in no rush to collide into the Pacific Northwest monsoon season. One possibility is to run north into ...

Knowing how to file things

Knowing how to file things
Sometimes I notice the birds flying along at the same speeds I move.  And they try to talk over whatever is noisy, and they have families, and they stay in one place part of the year, sometimes they migrate.  I think of my bike, and think of the birds.  “it’s quite alike, this bike and ...

last view of San Francisco 1

last view of San Francisco
My gear is down to 73 lbs.  I’m confident in the load now.  I let the bike get up to 35 mph a few times and it feels great going fast… Surly makes wonderful machines. This photo is still from last night… a view I really like.  I’m uploading these at 2MB size, and it ...

day two evening photos 1

day two evening photos
After a great day of riding and exploring, I took a few photos with my NEX 5R so this is partially a test to see how well this entire production process works.  excuse any glaring issues.

breaking everything in 1

breaking everything in
I’m being very careful and studying touring on a heavy bicycle.  The bag placement and load balance is perfect.. but I already have some of the inevitable breakage. One minor strap on my red backpack ripped away from the bag, I was using it to hold tension in the reverse of what it was designed ...

braking descent

braking descent
I went no more than 10 mph all the way down this.  wow.  entirely glorious riding.  the bike has 300 lbs on the wheels, it’s MASSIVE.  The wind just goes around me, instead of moving me around. 

ok bike, let’s see how you end up!

ok bike, let's see how you end up!
just a quick photo to commemorate the start of an adventure.  taken with my Motorola droid e.  I am taking photos and notes, should be good.