Google Earth Rivers Oregon

KMZ layovers for Google Earth Rivers Oregon, each extent is a USGS 100K Quadrangle.

In order to view these files, you will have to have installed the stand-alone Google Earth application on your computer.

This is my bright idea.  Since I find Google Earth to be a great tool for prospecting backcountry areas interesting for recreational or resourceful reasons, I’d like to share the ability to display high-resolution National Hydrography Dataset rivers and streams directly as a clickable overlay in Google Earth.  However, the amount of time and effort required to process an area and publish it is considerable.

If you would like to see coverage of another state, donate at least $25 and add a note saying which area you are interested in seeing covered.  I will add the new state to the roster of availability once it is finished, and it takes about 6 hours to get it right.  This will be an informal crowdfunding campaign that can add rivers & streams to Google Earth, something that has been lacking for years.

Overview of the project to add rivers and streams data to Google Earth

Click on any quadrangle to begin download of Google Earth KMZ layer.

Plain index of files, if the above graphical interface doesn’t work on your browser.

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